We’re all writers here.

Writing is hard. We know. We’re doing it too. And we’re here to support each other.

TWS is exclusive to middle-grade and young adult writers. We offer a communal space to discuss the craft of writing as well as a space to commiserate when querying and drafting those cruel books that refuse to write themselves.

We talk and critique entirely online.

We have a private Discord server that lets us talk and share our writing. Discord allows us to create channels so that we can separate ourselves into groups to focus on the skills associated with writing for each age group, as well as organizing sprints and write-ins, and other events. All of our events take place on the Discord server so there’s no changing Zoom or Google Meet link.

We share an organized Google Drive for feedback.

Whether your work is done, barely halfway through, or only one scene long, there’s a folder for that. Different lengths need different eyes. No one gets access to the Google Drive without signing our non-disclosure agreement.

Our projects are important. That’s why we protect them with an NDA at sign-up.

Your work is important. The NDA is kept on file to protect authors and their work. You can not join TWS without filling out the NDA.

While you cannot copyright an idea, you can copyright the written word. This NDA is meant to help writers feel comfortable sharing their ideas and words without fear that they will be taken.

We host monthly events and workshops

Workshops start on the first Saturday of the month and end on the last Saturday of the Month. Every second Saturday at 8pm ET / 7pm CT / 6pm MT / 5pm PT we have an Idea Bounce/Write-In where we pitch new ideas or talk about where we are stuck in our own work to get feedback from the group. The last Friday of the month is Write Drunk; Edit Sober, where we all get online, have a chat, do some writing, and talk each other up.

You’re welcome to scout for a critique partner within the group

Our workshops are limited to 15-page submissions and capped at 5 pieces per workshop, but some writers need help on the whole book and not just a scene. As a community of writers, we help each other at every stage.

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