Server Bots

We run a few bots on the TWS server to help keep things running and to encourage writers to–you know–actually write. If you’re not familiar with Discord, the bots can feel daunting and confusing. Don’t worry. Here are a few handy commands to type and where to type them. Along with some descriptions of the bots themselves.

What is a bot?

A Bot is an AI (Artificially Intelligent) tool that helps automate certain features on our server, via commands.

What’s a command?

A Command is a message that you send to a bot to tell it what to do.

Why are they different?

Some bot commands start with a !, _, or a /. This is to let the bot know that what you’re typing is a command. Some Discord bots have updated their commands and you can see a list of them when you type / into Discord. Others have not yet been updated.

Why do you have so many?

Sometimes bots go down for maintenance and sometimes they are overburdened by requests (like for the entire month of November). So we have backups.


A writers’ sprint bot — Run writing sprints with your friends or writing group. Share your word counts. Perfect for NaNoWriMo word wars.

/sprint Start a sprint, open for anyone to join! The default is 15 minutes with an additional 1 minute to join. This command can be altered for longer sprints.

/join 0 (Your starting word count). Join the active sprint. You must join your own sprint too. You can replace 0 with your starting word count.


Pomomo was inspired by a need to balance productivity and socializing. It uses the proven Pomodoro technique which alternates periods of work and relaxation to maximize productivity while minimizing burnout.

Designate time to focus so everyone can get stuff done while hanging out! You can customize the duration of any of the intervals to whatever works best for you.

/start This will start a 25-minute working period, with a five-minute break, and a 20-minute long break. for 4 intervals.


Please ignore my sniffling, it’s December and my nose is stuffy. Here’s how to use the Pomomo and Sprinto bots on our server.

Here is a link to a helpful video about our server bots incase this video doesn’t load here.