We run a few bots on the TWS server to help keep things running and to encourage writers to–you know–actually write. Here are a few, their functions, and their commands.

Writer Bot

It has many features, such as writing sprints, word count goals, xp/levels, prompts and random generators.

!ask: Asks you a random question about your character or your world, to get the creative juices flowing.

!challenge: Generates a random writing challenge for you. e.g. “Write 400 words in 15 minutes”. You can add the flags “easy”, “normal”, “hard”, “hardcore”, or “insane” to choose a pre-set wpm, or add your chosen wpm as the flag, or you can specify a time instead by adding a the time in minutes, prefixed with a “t”, e.g. “t15”

!generate: Random generator for various things (character names, place names, land names, book titles, story ideas). Define the type of item you wanted generated and then optionally, the amount of items to generate.

!goal: Sets a daily goal which resets every 24 hours

!project: Using these commands, you can create different projects and store word counts against them seperately. They also integrate with the wrote and sprint commands. See the help information for those commands for more info.

!sprint: Write with your friends and see who can write the most in the time limit!

!wrote: Add to your total words written statistic


A writers’ sprint bot — Run writing sprints with your friends or writing group. Share your word counts. Perfect for nanowrimo word wars.

_sprint Start a sprint, open for anyone to join! The default is 15 minutes with an additional 1 minute to join.

_join 0 (Your starting word count). Join the active sprint. You must join your own sprint too. You can replace 0 with your starting word count.

_time How long is remaining?


This is how we track server rank and participation. You earn cookies by participating in chats on certain channels and by coming to events.

t!dailyEarn your daily credits. You also get tokens if you are a supporter!
t!pointsCheck your server points balance